DS Lite to Game Boy Macro Conversion Kit

DS Lite to Game Boy Macro Conversion Kit

This allows you to convert your DS-lite into a single screen unit, known as the "Macro".  No modifications needed to the housings. 

How to build your kit:

1. For each item shown below, select the color from the pulldown menu and then hit then the "add to bundle" button

2. When finished adding each item, simply click the "add to cart" text and all items will be sent as a bundle to your cart.


You need your original donor console

Please review individual components for more specific information on each part

You will also need to source:

  1. DS Lite motherboard
  2. Speaker - These are the same ones used in the Nintendo switch
  3. Wire for speaker - any wire can work.  30 awg works well.
  4. DS Lite plastic housing kit - This is for the rear housing and misc. parts

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