Replacement Machine Screws

Size: M2x4mm Panhead
Sale price$2.90


Replacement machine screws for your Boxy Pixel builds.  Fasteners are included with shells upon purchase-- these are replacements for lost or damaged fasteners. Quantities vary depending on type, but typically range from 5-8 per bag depending on product. 

M2x6mm long - Game Boy Color and Advance, GBC/Pocket

M2x4mm long - Game Boy Color and Advance, GBC/Pocket

M1.4 (2mm, 3mm, or 5mm**)- Nintendo switch.

M1.7 (3mm, 4mm, or 6mm*) Flathead - Advance SP 

M1.7X3mm long Panhead - Macro

M2x4mm long Flathead - Game Cartridges


*6mm may be too long so please use caution; 5mm is recommended but 6mm can work

**Only TWO 5mm long fasteners should be in used in the joycons.  Please refer to build instructions to prevent stripping threads.

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