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Take your anodized aluminum shell one step further and get it laser etched with one of our designs.  This service must be purchased in conjunction with an aluminum shell.  We only etch non-blemished shells. 

This service is not a paint or print.  This is for a custom laser design that partially etches away the top of the anodize color of your Game Boy shell.

If you choose the custom laser etching option,  please carefully read this document to see example images that can be etched.  In general, colored, shaded, and non-white background images will not work well.   Here is a page with some images of our products so you can let us know the approximate location of your 


  • Each laser etching is set up one at a time, so they may vary slightly from one run to another. 
  • Laser etchings are suited for flat surfaces - Game Boy Advance, Freeplay, Macro and DMG front housings.  I can do the Game Boy Color, however there may be a slight gradient (lighter etching) on the outer edges. 
  • Shell is not included in this listing, and must be purchased separately in your order.  
  • The custom etching price shown is for etchings that take less than 20 minutes. If your laser etching is very involved and covers a very large portion of your anodized housing, it can take a very long time to etch.  If this takes over 20 minutes, we will contact you to let you know the additional cost and ask if you would like to proceed.
  • Although we try our best, It is difficult to align absolutely perfectly as we only have 1 attempt.  Please keep in mind if you need something exact.  
  • The etch will remove the color, so it is possible machining marks may be visible in the areas of etching.  This is not common, but possible.

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