3.5mm Headphone Audio Jack

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3.5 mm headphone jack designed as an add-on for the Advance SP Unhinged.  This needs to be secured in place and hardwired to your SP board.

Our assembly instructions show the connection points to the Nintendo PCB.  The connections on the headphone jack may differ.  TRS (tip ring sleeve) headsets work well, however TRRS may not work well (tip ring ring sleeve).   See image for reference.

Part SJ2-35954D-SMT-TR can also be used if out of stock


-Trim or bend the headphone jack metal legs down so they do not touch your PCB if recommended

-Use 30 ga wire and/or wire with thin insulation may make wire routing easier

TRS (tip ring sleeve) headsets work well, howeverTRRS doesn’t (tip ring ring sleeve)



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