Garage Sale Game Boy Advance Aluminum Machined Shell

Color: Lava Etched Black Shell with Pre-Installed Lens
Sale price$69.00



Garage Sale Game Boy Advance Machined Aluminum Shells

Fully machined aluminum housing set for the Game Boy Advance. This is a complete set of front and rear housings. 

Fits IPS Screen only.

Some of these are cosmetically blemished, some are one-off products that we will not produce more of, and some are damaged.

The "lumpy" back has a convent deformation on the rear flat area.  Some are more pronounced than others.  Sold as is.  May or may not include fasteners.  Uses M4x6mm long (qty 8), M4x4mm long (qty 4).


See our assembly guides for help with your build.

Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.


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