Custom Built Game Boy Advance with Backlit IPS screen and Aluminum Shells

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We are currently taking a break from building so we can design and prototype some new products. We do have parts available and recommend contacting one of the builders on our list:






Custom Built Game Boy Advance

For a particularly unique experience. You will receive a complete custom aluminum machined and built Nintendo Game Boy Advance.  Everything is included, and ready to play your favorite game cartridges!  

Included and fully assembled:

  • Original Game Boy advance electronics
  • New back-lit V2 IPS screen 
  • Custom Machined 6061 aluminum front and rear housing 
    • Note: This housing is custom machined to fit the new back-lit screen.  No glue is used, and parts are fastened together with steel fasteners
  • Custom rechargeable lithium ion battery (2000 mAh). 
  • Charges via common 5V Type C USB cable.  (Note: Note, you cannot use fast charge).  A red glow indicates charging, and turns to blue when fully charged.
  • You choose your favorite shell color.  
  • Choose button material and color. (A/B/D-Pad)  Plastic, aluminum and brass buttons are available from the pull down menu.
  • Screen lens will be glass with black border
  • The top L/R trigger buttons will be plastic and the start/select will be silicone
  • Screen will have dimming function that is actuated by holding down the select key and pressing the Left/Right trigger buttons
  • The charge light can be visible in a small opening near the charge port.  A red glow indicates charging; a blue is charge complete.  Note that type C fast charge is not supported.  Plug your charge cable into a conventional 5V USB wall charger.
  • We can use any shell color that you see we have in stock without any additional fees.  See here to view what extra colors we may have in stock. Simply choose a purchase your build using a clear anodize shell, then email me with your order number and your color choice from the in stock colors.
  • If you choose a custom anodize color, enter a color that best describes your choice.  You are welcome to email an image of your color choice as well.  Searching for anodize color options may help you.  Color matching is unfortunately not possible, but the anodizer will choose a color that is closest to your desired color.  Each part is individually sent to get stripped and anodized.

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Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.


1. These parts are not mass produced, and as such should be considered hand made. Although we strive for perfection, we also need to make parts affordable for all. These can be particularly prominent in black anodized parts. We think this often adds a unique and individual character to the parts, but will offer a refund if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of the piece upon its arrival.

2. Surface finish, texture, and color may vary from batch to batch. We use multiple machine shops and are continuously improving our products’ surface finish. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and also variations in anodizing from batch to batch.

3. The clear anodize is a chemical alteration to the surface that is colorless and helps protect from oxidation, scratches, and finger prints.

4. Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.

5. International orders: Import taxes/fees/tariffs are not included. Your country will determine these fees. We do not change the value of the shipment. Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.




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