Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged
Batch 2 Blue

Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged

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We are closing pre-orders.

Update 4/27/21:   Any orders placed on or before 2/23/21 are being processed now. 

Any orders after 2/23/21 are part of the 3rd batch of parts, with an ETA of the end of May/early June.

This set brings new life to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP internal components and rehouses them into our Boxy Pixel unhinged aluminum design. Our housing also is designed to allow a backlit funnyplaying IPS screen to drop in. (the stock AGS screen will NOT fit)  Includes 4 parts: Front housing, LCD rear housing, main rear housing, and battery rear panel, and fasteners.  This kit includes aluminum shells and fasteners only.  You must choose your remaining components to complete this custom build.

  • The rear L and R buttons are in the same relative location on the backside. The L and R buttons will have precise, reduced travel, and the front buttons (not included) were intentionally made slightly taller than stock buttons.
  • With a used SP, an upgraded IPS screen, and our buttons, you can can drop the parts in without any soldering.  If you would like to add functionality, we have features built in to do so. 
  • There is space made for to add a type C charge board and/or headphone jack. If you chose not to use them, we have simple 3d printed plugs to fill the holes on the bottom.
  • There is space for a larger battery if desired.  We have a larger 1700 mah battery available.
  • There is space available for wireless charge coil. You would need to make the rear battery access panel plastic to do so.
  • The overall depth is slightly larger than the original and makes playing more comfortable.
  • The brightness button is maintained so you can (optionally) solder in the brightness control wire if you desire
  • There is still access to the rear link port and the power port, however some attachments modules will not fit.  
  • Height = 133mm, Width = 82mm, depth = 22.9m
  • Fully assembled weight = 7.8 oz (depending on modifications)

Basic parts required:

Original Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (any version)

You MUST use custom buttons - With the exception of the L and R, the stock buttons will not fit.

L and R buttons and power switch from your old Advance SP

Aftermarket backlit IPS screen kit (Funnyplaying or ?)

3d printed battery retainer (if using stock battery)

Optional parts

Headphone and Type C plug (if you are NOT adding these they fill in the holes)

Type C charge board if you would like to add type C charging(requires custom wiring and soldering)

Headphone jack (requires custom wiring and soldering) - Part number SJ2-35954D-SMT-TR fits well.

Larger, Boxy Pixel 1700 mah battery (requires soldering)

28 or 30 gage wire, and misc building supplies



1.  Are we going to offer finished custom built units? 

Answer: Possibly. However we need to wait until we receive parts, send parts to customers and then time to determine build times before offering this service

2. What headphone jack do you need?

Answer: Part number SJ2-35954D-SMT-TR

3.  Can I use your Type C power board that is used in the GBA/GBC?  

Answer: Yes. Our type C board has some functionality that would not be utilized in the SP, but it fits well in the SP unhinged shell

4.  Do I use silicone, do I use stock L and R buttons, etc.

Answer: I have created an assembly process with images so you can see what is involved to assemble and get a better understanding of what parts are needed for your custom build.

5.  Will you have more color options?  

Answer:  Possibly sometime in 2021



  1. These parts are not mass produced and  we use multiple machine shops, so surface finish, texture, and color may vary between batches. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and variations in anodizing.
  2. Inventory may be slightly off due to these variations and potential damage of parts-- though we adjust for it, this is difficult to predict and we may have fewer of any item than anticipated.
  3. Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.
  4. Please see our FAQ page for information about international orders, import fees, and tariffs. We do not change the value of the shipment.