Game Boy Color (AGS-101) Machined Aluminum Shells - Boxy Pixel
Metal Gameboy Color Rear View
Game Boy Color Machined Aluminum Shells - IPS
Metal Gameboy Color Side View
Game Boy Color Machined Aluminum Shells - IPS
Game Boy Color Machined Aluminum Shells - IPS

Game Boy Color Machined Aluminum Shells - IPS

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These machined aluminum shells allow you to convert your Game Boy Color to have a backlit color screen. 

These game boy shells are compatible with the multiple screens:


  • Stock gameboy screen: These fit with adapter
  • IPS screen from Funnyplaying - No adapter needed
  • Benn Venn backlit screen (Freckleshack): It may take you some time to get these screens, but if you can get one they will fit with an adapter.
  • McWill backlit screen.  Simply add this adapter.

These shells are NOT finished and will require light sanding,cleaning, etc.  For those that would like a finished shell, they are now available.  Click here for this same item, with colored or clear anodizing service.  Clear or colored anodizing protects the surface from scratches and oxidation, and fingerprints.

No matter what shell, you will receive the following:

  • Custom machined front and rear shells
  • No shell trimming;
  • No hot glue or cutting fasteners, steel fasteners included;
  • Side cutout for a micro usb board to upgrade to rechargeable battery (AA batteries are no longer needed)
  • The finish will be a machined finish
  • The power switch detent (the 'click') is maintained!
  • The small Nintendo logo will be omitted from the front housing
  • Click Here for an assembly guide 
  • If you would like, I can also build a finished unit for you.


The following are other Game Boy Color parts to complete your custom build:

3d printed battery holder is used to aide in assembly (purchased separately, and I can share cad files if desired). This battery holder precisely locates a micro usb board that powers a rechargeable battery.  If you have a printer, 3D print the stl file yourself:

Micro USB charge board  This is mounted to the above battery holder and connects to a rechargeable battery.  2 wires connect to rechargeable battery, 2 wires connect to Nintendo PCB.  

Rechargeable battery  - A huge capacity 2000 mah battery! This is available for purchase from boxypixel for US customers only as I cannot ship batteries individually.

Replacement screens, colored buttons, and replacement silicone are also available on

 Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.


1. If this raw aluminum is purchased (No anodize), it will come as is from machining.  Some cleaning, and/or finishing will be needed.  3M fine sanding pads work well.  Polishing compound can be use to achieve a shine fairly easily.  In short, these are sold to those that would like to sand, polish, paint, or finish on their own.  

    2. Please note that there has been a recent change to eliminate the IR port hole at the top.