We have two versions of GBC housings at this time. The first version of our housing fits the IPS screen kit.  This IPS screen kit has a tall, rectangular screen.  This housing version also fits screen kits that have the Q5 screen.  The Q5 is a large square shape.  This kit from Funnyplaying and other suppliers is called the Retro Pixel 1.0.  The glass attaches separately on these 2 kits. 

We also currently have a revised housing that fits the laminated screen kit.  This laminated screen kit uses the Q5 screen that is glued (laminated) to the front glass. Funnyplaying makes this, it's called the Retro Pixel 2.0 screen.  

Updated 12/6/23

Game Boy Color Retro Pixel 2.0 Q5 LCD kit (laminated)


Fits Boxy Pixel GBC shells listed as "retro pixel 1.0 or 2.0".

Will NOT fit shells listed as "IPS only" or Front only shells

Retro Pixel LCD 2.5D Laminated 


Should fit if the same size as 2.0 Q5 kit assuming the glass is the same size.




Fits our remaining stock of black shells listed as "IPS" only here.

It also will fit our front only aluminum housing.

Q5 Kit

This uses a Q5 screen. It fits our front only aluminum housings.