Can you make a custom part?

We often get asked for small changes to parts for one or two custom parts.  Unfortunately, this is difficult to do as the parts are made in batches by a machinist.  I am a design engineer, and machining is not done in house.  If you have a large order, I will consider doing the design work for the change.

What is anodize?  

Protecting aluminum is extremely important.  By nature, raw aluminum will oxidize over time.  In the short term, even the oils in your hands will degrade the surface and will leave cosmetic marks on the surface.  Clear or colored anodize is a chemical process that adds protection against scratches, oxidation, and handling marks. Anodized can be removed easily chemically, there are many helpful videos online.

Can I add an item to my current order?

If you have one or two items, we can now edit orders. However, you need to add several items, I would suggest asking me to cancel your order so you can carefully choose the items you need. Please include your order number when contacting us for such requests.  Thank you!

Where are my parts?

Many of the items made are custom machined in batches, received, inspected, then sent to get anodized.  At times, this can create delays if I'm out of stock.  Please refer to the item description for approximate shipping times for the items you order.

Will the metal housings cause damage to the Game Boy parts? 

The housings are carefully designed to touch specific areas of the circuit board.  Anodizing is non-conductive, so there are no worries for electrical issues.

Will you be making the SP, DMG, pocket, micro etc, machined this or that?

I'd love to make products for everything out there, and I hope to do everything eventually!  However, designing, prototyping and testing is very time intensive  Please signup for my newsletter at the bottom of my website if you'd like updates and notifications of new releases.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do ship internationally to many locations.  Shipping rates are based on weight, and are calculated at checkout.  DHL is highly recommended as they are fast and reliable.  Unfortunately there are minimum shipping costs, which can seem expensive for small items.  Typically, there are two shipping options.  One is insured, the other is not.  I would advise everyone to get your product insured as we do not refund for lost packages if you choose not to get insurance.

If I'm not happy, now what?

I stand by my products and want to make it clear that if you're not happy with your purchase, contact me and I'll do everything I can to make sure you're satisfied. 

Why hasn't boxypixel.com responded?

Although we do our best to respond to emails and messages from social media, at times we have to prioritize daily operations.  We do our best to reply in 1-2 business days.  Thank you for your patience!  Tip: email using our contact form on the website typically works best.