Billet Machined Aluminum

The ultimate customization parts for your Game Boy!


Game Boy Color

Parts to transform your Game Boy Color into something truly unique using your original PCB.


Game Boy Advance

Components to update your stock Game Boy Advance including machined shells, buttons, and rechargeable battery parts.


Freeplay CM3 Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance look on the outside, Raspberry Pi on the inside. These use an entirely new PCB made by Freeplay Tech. Load hundreds of your favorite games.



Just received this (Game Cart) in the mail's magnificent! 10/10 everything is awesome! -


Overall I'm very pleased with the (Game Boy Color) shell and how it all looks!

Jeremy R.

 I got the Game Boy a few days ago and tested it out, it seems great so far! I absolutely love the craftsmanship on it, it's a work of art! 

Ben P.