Nintendo Switch Joycon Machined Aluminum Housings

Type: Aluminum Black Anodize
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Fully machined aluminum DIY housing set for the Nintendo Switch (Joycons). This is a set of front and rear housings, both left and right  (4 parts) designed to fit the OEM switch electronics. Electronics are NOT included.

  • Light smooth textured finish  
  • D pad on left joycon
  • Drop-in OEM electronics
  • Machine screws required (included)
  • The wireless connection functions perfectly when joycons are disconnected from main body. Note: Amiibo does not function
  • Aluminum buttons and D-pad sets are also available!  You need to purchase our buttons or purchase a plastic set that has a D-pad.  Caution: There is no standard D-pad size for aftermarket kits, however eXtremeRate joycons has a plastic joycon kit with buttons.  The D-pad and A,B,X,Y buttons fit at the time of testing. Note: The eXtrmeRate company can make dimensional design changes at any time.
  • Fastener thread size: M1.4x0.3 (2m, 3mm, 5mm lengths).
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  • Grip fit:
    1. Satisfye Grip Version 1 =  Does not fit

    2. Satisfye Grip Version 2 =  Works fine  

    3. Satisfye Mini Gaming Grip Version 1 =  Works fine

See our assembly guides for help to build your joycons. This is important to refer to our guidance to ensure the correct fasteners are used.  Do NOT use stock screws from your plastic joycons.

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Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.


1. Note that fasteners are very small and great care must be taken when assembling. Even the most experienced builders can easily run into issues.  Always carefully test assemble the front and rear housings together FIRST before doing your assembly. You should not feel any resistance when screwing together the shells.  Replacement parts are not available for stripped, broken, or stuck screws.  Follow our assembly guide for more detailed steps, and consider our build service if you do not want to risk damaged shells. Unfortunately, we do not have spare parts for sale.

These parts are not mass produced and  we use multiple machine shops, so surface finish, texture, and color may vary between batches. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and variations in anodizing.

Inventory may be slightly off due to these variations and potential damage of parts-- though we adjust for it, this is difficult to predict and we may have fewer of any item than anticipated.

Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.

Please see our FAQ page for information about international orders, import fees, and tariffs. We do not change the value of the shipment.



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