Nintendo Switch Rear Housing CNC Machined

Type: Aluminum Clear Anodize
Sale price$68.00

Fully CNC machined aluminum DIY housing rear piece for the Nintendo Switch (Console).  This is for the original switch, not fit the OLED console. 

  • Light textured finish on aluminum parts
  • Rear housings include metal kickstand. The kickstand is held in place by a magnet, however it does not lock in the open position - the weight of the console holds it in place
  • There are an abundance of fasteners included, although you do not need most of them.  Our fasteners are used for the top button cover piece that requires one fastener, two fasteners at the bottom, and one fastener on the top.  In general - if the threads are in our part - use our fasteners.  If you are threading into plastic, re-use your fastener.  Install instructions
  • There is likely a color variance and cosmetic rib depth from the joycons as parts were made at entirely different times.  

This is important to refer to our guidance to ensure the correct fasteners are used.

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Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions.

Note that fasteners are very small and great care must be taken when assembling. Even the most experienced builders can easily run into issues.  Always carefully test assemble the front and rear housings together FIRST before doing your assembly. You should not feel any resistance when screwing together the shells.  Replacement parts are not available for stripped, broken, or stuck screws. 




  1. These parts are not mass produced and  we use multiple machine shops, so surface finish, texture, and color may vary between batches. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and variations in anodizing.

  2. Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.

  3. Please see our FAQ page for information about international orders, import fees, and tariffs. We do not change the value of the shipment and we do not have control over your particular country's fee/tariffs/taxes.

  4. Brass parts come as machined and may show oxidation/discolor and some small machining or small scratches are possible. Assume you will need to do your final surface finishing using a flexible 3M sanding pad.  (The 3M 7448 usually works well).  After polishing, apply clearcoat, poly, or other coating to maintain the shine.

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