Below is the not-so-fun stuff, but we do need to make some rules.  If you do not agree to the below, please do not purchase.

Terms of Service

Refund and Repair Policy


International and domestic orders shipped "first class" are not insured by default and lost packages cannot be refunded if package does not arrive for any reason (lost, damaged, stolen etc). We encourage all customers to use the third party "shipping protection insurance" option ( that will provide insurance. If a package is returned to sender for any reason outside our fault or control, we will refund product costs minus shipping fees.

If third party insurance is purchased:

  1. Customers must agree to review and abide by policies for making a claim as there are windows of time that claims must be made.  
  2. Any international package that is lost of confiscated in customs will not be refunded (see third party insurance policy) 


If you are NOT in the US, please do not purchase a battery.  We are not legally allowed to send batteries internationally.