Boxy Pixel Macro Glass Lens Assembly Guide

Installing glass screen in Boxy Pixel DS Lite Macro Shell

If you decide to install a custom glass lens in your Macro, you will need to do a few simple extra steps described below.

The stock LCD screen has a touch screen stuck to the front.  You need to remove this to make room for the thicker glass screen.  I typically start prying at a corner with a razor blade until I get something under it and it simply peels off like a sticker.  

DS Lite Digitizer touch screen removal


Macro Touch Screen Removal

Next, glue in the spacers (only if you have a shell before July 2020). These 3D-printed spacers are necessary to set the correct height (front to back) of the top of the LCD.  Caution: it is important to install the 3D spacers correctly.  

Shown below are the two spacers. One is a top view, and the other is on the side.  The red surface will be up, and the blue surfaces will be the areas that the screen will sit on.

custom gameboy ds lite macro

Shown below, the spacers are in position.  

DS Lite Macro Screen Spacers

A close-up image of one of the spacers.  Make sure that it is flat and resting all the way back against the aluminum wall. If the parts are not sitting flat, there may be some flashing on the edge of the spacers. Trim spacers as needed until they sit flat. Use hot glue or other adhesive. 

It's now ready for the LCD installation.

custom gameboy ds lite macro