Thank you to Everyone

Thank you to everyone that has been so patient this spring.  Daily operations here at Boxy Pixel continue to run, and now should be caught up on very old orders.  Doing so has put me a little behind on custom game boy building, however I think I still should be able to stick to my 2 month estimate on builds. 

The next challenge is to replenish inventory as I am running a bit low on some machined items. My "purchasing" duties have been MIA. 

I have been slowly making progress on new Freeplay housings as I am working on revising the shell design.  No promises, but I'd like to have joysticks on the front and will most likely have a single piece rear housing.  The next version will not be a "slim" version.  

In terms of orders, if you get an email with a tracking number it may take some time for the tracking to work.  I generally print off many shipping labels all at once, which automatically sends you an email.  However, it does take me sometimes 1-3 days to manually pick the orders and package.  It then can take the postal service time to scan. There have been shipments that didn't have tracking working until they were delivered. I think they are still struggling also.  Hopefully I can have my hired help back in June.  Only essential businesses are allowed to have employees come in to work.  

I hope everyone is doing well, and that I will continue to do my best to service that I can during these times.  Take care, Nick