Finally some good news!

I was also on the phone with USPS about the huge number of packages that was seemingly lost by USPS.  It turns out, the packages started to be delivered despite the tracking number not working until after they were delivered.  If you have no tracking, it may take some extra time to get to you and tracking may not work.  I

I also just received Game Boy Color AND DS Lite Macro shells.  They are made by 2 different machine shops and were both held up in the shipping world forever.

The new Game Boy Color shells now have room for the new IPS screens and can still fit the freckleshack/china clone LCD screens also.  I also included space for the IR blaster plastic piece.  Colors are black, dark grey, and clear anodize.  The DS lite shells are black, clear and red anodize.  No blue this time.

Today I spent hours just printing off shipping labels from old orders. I started pulling parts and packaged some. I will continue throughout the weekend and next week.  If you see a label that was printed, but not picked up - no worries.  It just means that I have not packaged it yet due to labor shortages, OR it's not the in the USPS system due to whatever issues they also seem to be having.

During these stay at home times, I know these Game Boy parts are perfect projects to keep everyone's spirits up and everyone occupied.  This is what keeps me going, and I will continue to do my best to get parts out as quickly as I can!

Thank you to everyone  for being so patient and for your support.