Update 3/27/2020 - Update

I wanted to take moment and write a quick status update for current and potential future customers.  It's been a rough first quarter for many businesses around the world, and is especially true for Boxy Pixel.  

The first couple months of 2020 we had major supply chain issues due to the beginnings of the pandemic.  Parts, materials and some machined parts were not available. This caused a large backlog of orders.  Now that machined parts are finally arriving here, I have months worth of parts to sort and orders to fullfill.  Normally this wouldn't be a big issue. I would have my part time help work with me to get thru this. However, the virus has now arrived in the US.  As a consequence, we have a mandatory stay in place order so I cannot have anyone here to help me.

I'm doing the best I can fullfilling orders, building game boys when I can, and attempting to run the day to day functions of the business. 

I do apologize for slow responses to emails as I have been prioritizing my time to getting thru the orders at the cost of getting a little behind on other things.  

That said, below is a quick summary/status of parts:

Game Boy advance machined shells are here.  We have black, blue and clear anodize in stock.  1/2 way thru orders.

DMG CM3 parts are finally back from getting sandblasted and re-anodized.  I'll be inspecting these shortly and start shipping these Monday if I can get thru the oldest GBA orders.

Game Boy Color machined parts are finished and I expect them here by next week.

Macro shells are finished and should arrive in a week.

Builds- I have had an order in for LCD's for quite some time now. I ended up ordering from varying suppliers as funnyplaying was taking so long.  Shipping in general has been very slow which I expect is due the the pandemic.  

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. I hope everyone is healthy!