Update 3/31/20 - Part status and progress!

So far, I have GBA and DMG CM3 parts now in stock.  The DMG parts look great! 

I have inspected most parts, and have printed many of the orders (not all yet) that were waiting on these.  I also packaged many old orders this weekend.

The most recent issue is the postal service.  I have requested a pickup twice so far, and the packages have still not been picked up.  I have an impressive pile of packages that I may need to take to the post office myself tomorrow.

I am making progress on continuing builds also, most on the Game Boy Advance builds now that their shells are here.  I'll definitely be able to get some out this week, and will continue building when I can. LCD screens are becoming the issue.  It took 2-3 weeks to see a package leave funnyplaying.  Now that it's been shipped, it's been stuck in the shipping world.

Still waiting for Macro (DS-Lite) front shells and game boy colors.  These are complete, however the shipping tracking has them sitting for days at a time at certain locations. I assume all shipping is short handed and overwhelmed.  Still hoping maybe, possibly get them them end of this week?  Not holding my breath.

Take care everyone!