Game Boy Macro- Glass screen lens

Screen Color: Black
Sale price$9.90


Glass Game boy Macro screens.  This will add the finishing touch for your macro by adding a border to cover the unused portion of the screen when playing GBA games.  

This fits the macro only, and will require that you remove the digitizer touch screen from your stock screen.  You may also want to use some thin foam behind your screen to gently keep it in place.  See here for installation tips.

Although this glass can be made to fit plastic front housings, you may need to file/cut your opening slightly to fit this glass.  No support is available as we have no experience with plastic front shells.

As of 7/27/20, spacers are no longer needed with this glass.  The spacers are not needed and are now integrated into the front aluminum shell.  Again, do NOT use spacers if you have a shell made after 7/27/20. 

Note: In the past our glass supplier made the glass smaller. We decided to have our own glass made-- this is a much better fit to our housings.  It is impossible to have a zero gap, so we still recommended to use a black paint pen to color the silver steel frame on your LCD before installing the glass screen to help with aesthetics.  Be sure to remove all adhesive on your LCD first.

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