Game Boy Advance SP Machined Shoulder Buttons


Material: Aluminum: Clear Anodize
Sale price$16.50


Coming soon!  ETA is May-June 2022.


CNC Machined shoulder buttons for the Game Boy Advance SP Unhinged. There are no springs as these parts are designed with reduced travel. To ensure smooth button actuation, we needed to design plenty of clearance so parts may exhibit metal on metal noise when using. This noise can be easily remedied by using a piece of kapton tape on the rear housing hole (see image).  When assembling, the kapton tape will be punctured and reduce the clearance and eliminate the noise.

Parts only fit Boxy Pixel aluminum housings with stock PCB.  


  • 2x shoulder buttons (one of each L and R)

If you find a part out of stock, visit our central location for part availability. It shows what colors are on order and also an estimated time to receive parts.  Here are updates on parts:   

Please refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions


These parts are not mass produced and  we use multiple machine shops, so surface finish, texture, and color may vary between batches. Colors may also look different depending on your screen, the lighting, and variations in anodizing.

Inventory may be slightly off due to these variations and potential damage of parts-- though we adjust for it, this is difficult to predict and we may have fewer of any item than anticipated.

Please be sure to review our refund policy for cancelled and returned orders.

Please see our FAQ page for information about international orders, import fees, and tariffs. We do not change the value of the shipment.

Brass will come as it was machined and can show some oxidation/discolor. To remedy, simply use a 3M scotch pad, or a fine steel wool prior to assembly.  Assume you will need to do your final surface finishing.


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